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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Amazing Feat - Bike stunts

Interview with Janice Seah, Sport Column of Straits Times newspaper

I use to ride a bike when he was few years old. I spent hours and hours practice on my bike. I able to do many amazing stunts that invented by myself.

I am able to balance stationery handfree in a bike and at the same time carrying a normal bike.

Riding a bike handfree, with only one leg , jumping down from it, catch hold of it when it boomerang back.

Most people got difficulties ride a bike on the grass, but I can ride a cheap bike without using his both hands and one leg on the grass and at the same time carry a normal bike a few minutes.

The most difficult stunts that I had mastered was riding a bike handfree, using only one leg, zigzagging across a linear low of metal poles fixed on concrete floor, around ten feet's apart, and at the same time carrying a normal bike. The feats were broad casted in the TV

I was able to ride a bike handfree, with only one leg about 12 kilometres( around 45 minutes), navigating obstacles like a person riding a bike normally using two hands and two legs.

To master such amazing feats. I started by with doing simpler feats, like riding the bike handfree for hours rounds and rounds the basketball court, turning left and then right , until I am well verse with it, and then using only one leg and handfree and progress to the more difficult feats. Thousands of Woodsvilles Secondary School & Primary school students seen me practice there every day for few years.

The foundation was laid, for me to be able to do such amazing feats. In my youth before I went to school, everyday 365 days every morning at 4 am I got to cycle from Mattar Road to Sims Drive through and forth from my home in a tricycle carrying heavy loads of foods , putting his bike on top of the tricycle and his mother sitting behind to the hawker centre , then afterward rush to Upper Aljunied Technical school with my bike. Because of these tough training, I able to do amazing feats with a bike.

Rain or shine even the tyres was flat, I needed to do it 365 days to support my family of 6 and also 4 nieces and nephew. My father had died when I was few years old.

After that I shifted to Sims Drive. Everyday after helping my stall. In the afternoon I went to train up to 4 hours in Woodsville Secondary School. These went on for a few years in hoping to be a world record holder.

And also because of my ability to maintain my bike in top conditions. Which I had learn from a old bicycle repairman.

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Anonymous mwee said...


I wish your record is recognised by the Guiness World of Records.

Good Luck to all your future endeavours.

Michael Wee

December 22, 2006 at 5:05 PM  
Blogger Henry Leong said...


May 10, 2007 at 1:04 AM  

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