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Thursday, December 21, 2006

One leg handfree,cycling feats


Newspaper clipping image - Riding a bike on the grass, handfree, using only one leg and at the same time carrying a bike.

More on how I am able to carry a bike and perform some amazing feats on a bike View Blog

My record of riding a bike with only one leg and handfree is, 12 kilometres non-stop, in 45 minutes.

How I did it click: Here

It was not in an indoor stadium, it was at the bicycle track, where there were people were riding around the same track without any accidents. I had mastered using the hip to control the bicycle.

I am able to avoid knocking each others bikes because of my superb maintenance of my bike with some special lubricants and the bike is only a inexpensive one. I am able to maintain the bike well that little effort, need to ride the bike

My riding of a bike handfree, with only one leg to him, is like people riding a bike using both hands and feet's to control the bike. Because of the tough training cycling a tricycle for years

What do you think of record, is it the longest distance ever by a person riding a bicycle with only one leg, without using the handle bar?

Without superb maintenance and special lubricants, I might not be able to do it. As I am using only my hip and one legs to steer the bike and my shoulder to shift and counterbalance the weight. See more innovations View Blog

With such non-stop long distance ride and with people riding around, by using only one leg. The bike must be ride using the least possible effort.

Awards & Recognition by Singapore Press Holdings of my maintenance skills, featured and commended in SPH internal newsletter: View Blog

More extraordinary bicycle feats photos: Click

Any comments for such superb feats?

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Amazing Feat - Bike stunts

Interview with Janice Seah, Sport Column of Straits Times newspaper

I use to ride a bike when he was few years old. I spent hours and hours practice on my bike. I able to do many amazing stunts that invented by myself.

I am able to balance stationery handfree in a bike and at the same time carrying a normal bike.

Riding a bike handfree, with only one leg , jumping down from it, catch hold of it when it boomerang back.

Most people got difficulties ride a bike on the grass, but I can ride a cheap bike without using his both hands and one leg on the grass and at the same time carry a normal bike a few minutes.

The most difficult stunts that I had mastered was riding a bike handfree, using only one leg, zigzagging across a linear low of metal poles fixed on concrete floor, around ten feet's apart, and at the same time carrying a normal bike. The feats were broad casted in the TV

I was able to ride a bike handfree, with only one leg about 12 kilometres( around 45 minutes), navigating obstacles like a person riding a bike normally using two hands and two legs.

To master such amazing feats. I started by with doing simpler feats, like riding the bike handfree for hours rounds and rounds the basketball court, turning left and then right , until I am well verse with it, and then using only one leg and handfree and progress to the more difficult feats. Thousands of Woodsvilles Secondary School & Primary school students seen me practice there every day for few years.

The foundation was laid, for me to be able to do such amazing feats. In my youth before I went to school, everyday 365 days every morning at 4 am I got to cycle from Mattar Road to Sims Drive through and forth from my home in a tricycle carrying heavy loads of foods , putting his bike on top of the tricycle and his mother sitting behind to the hawker centre , then afterward rush to Upper Aljunied Technical school with my bike. Because of these tough training, I able to do amazing feats with a bike.

Rain or shine even the tyres was flat, I needed to do it 365 days to support my family of 6 and also 4 nieces and nephew. My father had died when I was few years old.

After that I shifted to Sims Drive. Everyday after helping my stall. In the afternoon I went to train up to 4 hours in Woodsville Secondary School. These went on for a few years in hoping to be a world record holder.

And also because of my ability to maintain my bike in top conditions. Which I had learn from a old bicycle repairman.

View Slideshow
Click to view slide show of incredible bicycle feats

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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Recordbreaking football juggling- How to improve your football skills

Four of my blogs at the top of the search engine (80,000 articles) (Click to enlarge)

Picture taken from Stomp- S'pore Press Holdings. In an email interview: (comments and answers below)


The executive producer of Singapore Broadcasting Corp (now Mediacorp) verified in writing what she had seen and filmed, the full ranges of my football-jugging feats and the bike stunts which was featured in the World of Sports segment, (Singapore Broadcasting Corporation), presently Mediacorp together with the videocamera crew in (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

had juggled a standard football, using my head, shoulders, back, heels, insteps, outsteps & kneels except my hands, more than 3,400 times in one hour and 20 minutes, without letting it dropped .

This record was juggled in different patterns like criss-cross jumping to kick the ball with his insteps, criss-cross the heels juggling the ball, kicking the ball to behind my neck and back heeled it back in front and other patterns etc.
At that time groups of hundreds of students Woodsville Secondary Schools kept cheering me on. At that time in about 1 pm time, there were hundreds of students coming to school and going backs home.

On the other side of the field is Woodsville Primary School.

This record breaking feat were done in 1986 at Woodsville Secondary School few months, after my feats were featured in the TV.

What made me attempt such feats was after reading the book "The Will to Win" the story of P. Nurmi the greatest long distance runner, who overcome incredible odds to achieve his records, training 6 and half hours a day.
I was also inspired by the South Korean football jugglers.
A serious injuries during a football match, had made mr concentrated on ball-juggling to break the world record.
I didn't had a coach, what made me able to master such fantastic skill with my feet, was that every morning during my secondary school days, I needed to ride a tricycle with full loads of foods, my bike and my mother sitting behind, from his home to the hawker centre through and forth some distance away, everyday 365 days a year, for many years.

After unloading the foods I got to rush to school with my bike, rain or shine even the tyres were flat. Those years of tough training had made it possible for me to accomplish such amazing feat.

The secrets of me able to perform all those difficult ball juggling tricks with my heels, is that I used to tie strings to the football and juggled it hours and hours.

In this way you can improve and master the football skills faster and easier.

This creative solutions which made it much easier to practice with his heels or outsteps, which were more difficult to perform.

The method is to tied three special strings to the football , the strings which were elastic were used hi fixed to fixtures on the wall, whenever I used my heels to kick the ball it return back to the same position.

In this way I didn't needed to waste time kept picking up the ball.

Did I broke any sorts of world record? Hope that the Woodsvilles Secondary Schools students saw this article come forward and verify to it.

At that time of the incredible record breaking feat, Eric Yeo who oftens trained together with me, was around there together with hundreds of Woodsville Secondary School students kept cheering me on.

Frankly speaking I got more serious injuries, when I ride normally then when I doing more difficult feats. I had never been injured seriously in my bike stunts, all my stunts need high skills and years to perfect it, my aim is to reach the highest skill, not the daredevil type.

When I want to do difficult feats, I will maintain my bike to the best condition.

I got more and serious injuries playing football than doing cycling feats

I am happy, four of my blogs among the top of the search words ''Football juggling feat' & 'Cycling feat'
I hope that the former Woodsville Secondary School students who saw my article can verify it.

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