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Friday, February 16, 2007

Marathon, one leg. handfree cycling feats/ attempts

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I had cycled a bicycle using only one leg and handfree, for a distance of 12 km, non-stop, did I break any records or the world record?

Could I be the world record holder in cycling using only one leg, handfree?

I had cycled hours and hours in a bicycle track (with cyclists cycling up and down the bike track, accidents-free) ?

Doing some very difficult cycling feats with a inexpensive normal bicycle. Email me. I am preparing to redo it to get it verify.

A viewer in Stomp
Singapore Press Holdings asked can I do it again.

Any suggestions on how to get funding to verify it, let me know. I hope to break my record. I hope make Singapore proud. And numerous people had asked me to redo it.

The TV commentator (World of Sports) program(Singapore Broadcasting Corporation) now Mediacorp, had encouraged me to go for it and put Singapore in the world map.

My record is proven. My training of riding of a bike handfree and using only one leg were seen by thousands of Woodsville Secondary & Primary School students. I practice there everyday up to 4 hours per day.

Ten of thousands
of people at the East Coast Park had seen me cycling in the cycling tracks were amazed, when I am using only one leg and handfree cycling for hours non-stop with no accidents at all, don't seem like tiring.

The secret is that I had invented a method to cycle a bicycle with little effort, using only one leg, so that I can cycle hours and hours without very tiring.

I had mastered using my hip and only my right leg to control the speed and directions of my inexpensive bicycle.

Because my ability to set and lubricate my bike to perfections as a result I am able to navigate my bike with little effort with only one leg.

Any company who want to fund the event for me to break the world record in one leg, handfree marathon cycling email me at:

Mr Ong Eng Huat of Singapore Book of Records had called me a few times. Because of various reasons I wasn't able to do it at that time.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Amazing Feat - various photos of cycling feats: Amazing recordbreaking feats-Photos of cycling feats

Amazing Feat - various photos of cycling feats: Amazing recordbreaking feats-Photos of cycling feats

Of course, it was my childhood dream to be a world record holder. I had ride a bike one leg and handfree for hours and hours non-stop.

I had riding hours and hours(non-stop), cycling only with one leg and handfree in my practice.